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For all cell phones models: This can be put inside your phone, on the back of your phone, or inside your cell phone case

Listing is for this amazing wholesale set of 25 TOTAL Generation X Antenna cell boosters. These are the NEW & IMPROVED Generation X ones! Each retail for $19.99. Each comes factory sealed! Perfect for resale. YES, these really do work~!

Please note: If your cell phone does not have a spot for inside the phone you can always stick the cell booster sticker on the back of the phone or even inside your cell phone case itself (iPhone,etc.) As long as it will be near the phone it will help with your signal. iPhones and other smart phones you will not physically see the signal bars raise to know that it is working. That is because the signal bars are controlled internally with your software of your cell phone. This just helps add to your antenna range. 


You can use up to 3 on your phone for better results, if there is space.  In most battery compartments (where the battery is removable) you can fit two.   On the back of your phone, you can easily fit three.

These are being cleared out at a fraction of our cost. Our loss is your gain. Why buy 1 in a store, when you can get 25 from me for less + shipped to your door for free!  Big profits can be made here.


About expectations of ALL CELL PHONE BOOSTER STICKERS sold online:
Please understand that all cell phones are different, along with the many phone companies. These boosters are designed to enhance the cell phone reception that you get with your phone. It really acts as if the antenna is much larger. If you are having extreme cell phone issues there is nothing sold on line that can be better than changing to a new phone or switch to a new carrier. So to think this will make a cell phone work 100% perfect at all times is not possible ( otherwise every phone on earth would have these inside the phone :) We just like to keep it real and not try to mislead our customers. These are designed to just help your signal more and will do a great job at that. There is a reason why these have been around for over 10 years because they do work good. For the small investment on them you can't go wrong.