Free Drop-Shipping Program

Free Drop Ship Program

We offer a FREE Drop Ship Progam that is very simple (JUST 2 STEPS). Here is how it works:

1. You log in under your free account, placing an order for your customer, with their shipping address and your name and address as the billing name and address.

2. You then send us a quick email, right after you place the order(s) with the subject: "Drop Ship." In that email, just mention, this is (your name) and I would like to drop ship to the following people (their names).

That is ALL there is to it. By taking this extra step and sending us the email, your packaging will indicate YOUR name and address and we will put NOTHING with our name anywhere on the package at all, with no advertising materials or packing slips or receipts with our company name on it. NOTE: If you forget to do this extra step or do not do it within a few minutes after you place the order, your order will ship as one of our orders, rather than a drop-ship, so please do not forget to take this extra step! :-)

Be sure to include your email address, so that you get the shipping confirmation with their tracking number, so that you can send it to your customer (or post to ebay or amazon, both of which require you to post the track #). If you miss our email or it winds up in your spam folder, you can always log in under your account on our website to view ALL your orders, as long as you entered them while logged into your account and not as a "guest" order.

It is free and easy! As long as you are using our drop-shipping program, you can use our photos and descriptions in your ads. Many of our drop shippers are large companies and many are invididuals working off their kitchen tables in their home or their dorm room desk at college, to earn a little pocket money.

The Drop Shipping program works with ANY of our items that we have on our website. Many of our drop shippers, who do not have their own website, advertise their items on ebay and amazon and do very, very well with them. Remember, price your items low, perhaps just marking them up a buck or two and you will do REALLY well. You have NO inventory expense, it takes only a few seconds to enter an order on our website.

If shipping to the USA, shipping is FREE on everything we sell. If you are shipping internationally and need to know what the shipping cost will be, just put the item in your shopping cart and start the checkout process and it will show you the shipping cost before have to put in your credit card details, so you will know how much to charge your customer.

Before your get started, if we can help in any way, feel free to call Kevin directly, at: 1-718-734-1516.

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