4pk 10ft (3m) USB-A Heavy Duty charging cables compatible with iphone 5-14


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This listing is for a 4-PACK of 10ft (3m) HEAVY DUTY (extra thick) unbranded charging cables that will work for ANY iphone model from iphone 5 series through iphone 14 series.

Because the wire is thicker, it can carry more current and charge your phone FASTER than standard cables.

These are not made by Apple, but work great with the iphone, ipad and ipod.

It has a standard 8 pin connector on one end to plug into your iphone and a standard USB-A connector (see photos above) to plug into your favorite wall or car charger.  Color and design of cable may vary, but will be compatible with all iphones 5 series through 14 series and ipads and ipods that take the 8 pin connector (see photo for what the 8 pin connector looks like).

Guaranteed to work with NO error messages.

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