10ft Black Beast Worlds Fastest Cable (24 guage) for Android Micro-USB


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10ft Black Beast® Worlds Fastest Charging Cable (24 guage) for Android Micro-USB devices

10ft Black Beast® Worlds Fastest Charging Cable (24 guage) for Android Micro-USB devices 1m  is the world’s fastest charging cable!      This is FOUR TIMES the charging speed of the normal cable that came with your phone, which normally handles only .5 amp/hr.   This MONSTER handles 2.4 amps (12 watts) and is to be safe for your device and battery.  Your device has regulators built in for the max speed it can handle, so it can never go over.

These wires also come with special reinforced heavy duty sleeves for each end, so that you do not break them off, as you might with stock cables that came with your phone.   Look at the solid heavy duty construction.  They also are braided, for extra strength!

Tired of using a GPS device in your car and struggling to maintain your cell phone battery level as you drive, it is most likely NOT your charger, it is the cable!   Swap out your cable for this one and watch your charging problems go away!    The SECRET of this cable is that it uses 26/21 gauge wire inside instead of the stock 28/28 gauge cable that comes with your iphone, ipad or type C, or android micro-usb device.   The smaller the number of the gauge, the wider the wire and the faster the charging, as it can carry more juice to your battery faster!    Most fast charging cables on the market use 28/24 cable, so these are even fatter cables for even more capacity and faster speed!   They are guaranteed to charge and sync faster than any other cable you have owned!

WIth these cables we guarantee now matter what you are doing on your cell phone, GPS, streaming and downloading movies, or interactive games, that you will stay ahead of your battery level and watch it climb to 100%, faster than you have ever seen it climb before, using all those power hungry apps!  Remember, at lower levels, your battery % will change faster!   ie. from 1% to 10% is about the same as from 99% to 100%.  That part will not change.  What will change is the amount of time it takes to get from any % to another %, compared to before!

To get the most out of these really powerful cables, to get the absolute fastest charging speeds, if you don’t already have a charger that puts out 2.4 amps (12 watts) upgrade your charger that you plug into your wall outlet or car 12v outlet, to one of our fast chargers:  

-Black Beast® World’s Fastest 4 Port Car Charger w/QC 3.0 (9.6 amp/48w, ea Port: 2.4 amp/12w)
-our 12w ipad home charger (good for iphones and all androids, micro usb devices, and any other usb device)
-our 6 Port Home USB charger with QC 3.0 (72 watts, 14.4 amps)

NOTE:  Even if you do not use these wires with a 2.4 amp (12 watt charger), ours or yours, you will STILL see greatly increased charging speeds as the full power and speed of whatever charger you are using will make it to your device, making these the guaranteed fastest charging cables ever!

We guarantee this is the fastest charging cable on the market today, or we will buy it back from you, anytime within 60 days.