10-Pks - Make 10 GALLONS- Giant Magichem Bleach Tabs Tablets - Low as 25¢/gallon

Bleach Tabs

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Bleach is bleach!  Bleach helps get your laundry clean and helps make your whites brighter and whiter!   The active chemical in bleach does not change from one brand to another!

EACH Tablet makes ONE FULL STRENGTH gallon of bleach.  (Another leading brand of bleach tablets requires 32 of their tablets, as per the back of their bottle, just to make a single gallon of bleach!  Yikes, that gets expensive!)    

There are 10 Tablets PER card.

EACH 10-PACK MAKES 10 GALLONS OF BLEACH.   ie. if you want to order 10 gallons worth, you will get ONE 10-PACK of bleach tabs.  If you want 100 gallons worth, you will get TEN 10-PACKS, etc.

EACH TABLET IS approximately 3/4" diameter and 3/8" thickness.

Have you noticed how expensive bleach has become in the stores and now they are not even giving you a full gallon (128 oz) of bleach, they have cut the jug size to just 64 oz or if you are lucky about 121oz (for the market leading brand at grocery stores and discount department stores)?   Remember the good old days where a gallon used to be 128 oz.  Well it is still 128 oz, they are just giving you LESS than a gallon in the bottles they sell now.  It is another sneaky way of raising the price even more!   Rememer the good old days where you could buy bleach for under $1.00 a gallon?   I do!   And I missed them.  That is why we started selling Magichem Bleach Tabs!  The days of under UNDER A DOLLAR a gallon are BACK, but only here at SuperGoodDeals.    Your best pricing comes with 1000 Gallons (1000 tablets) of just 31 CENTS a gallon!  Buy 4 or more 1000-packs of tablets and your price drops below 25 cents a gallon!!!

Stop dragging around heavy bottles of bleach, just make it on the spot, as needed!
Well, now you can just ignore the high prices and smaller jug sizes at the store!
Just drop one tablet into a gallon jug of water and in minutes have a gallon of bleach!  TIP:   if in a hurry, use hotter water, will dissolve faster and make a gallon of bleach faster!  

Why pay $4.50 or more a gallon at the store for bleach when you can make your own in minutes for a fraction of what bleach in the store costs!