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✅​​ GIANT SIZE RECHARGEABLE Electric HIGH VOLTAGE Bug Zapper Fly Mosquito Racket

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✅​​ GIANT SIZE RECHARGEABLE Electric HIGH VOLTAGE Bug Zapper Fly Mosquito Racket

This is for GIANT SIZE RECHARGEABLE CORDLESS Electric HIGH VOLTAGE Bug Zapper Fly Mosquito Swatter Racket!!!

SuperGoodDeals Personal Review of this Zapper, in our own words:

This packs a tremendous high voltage zap, if you like the zapping sound of a zapper killing the insect pest, let's face it there is nothing quite like it and if you have a mosquito or fly that has been torturing you all day, when you get him, you want that satisfaction of a ZAP!   The loudness of the zap will depending on the size of the insect, the amount of blood in them and the power level of the zapper.   A big juicy HORSE FLY or WELL FED mosquito should make a very impressive zap in almost all zapping situations!    After each use, I plug mine in to charge for an hour or two, so that it is at 100% peak power for the next victim!

This ZAPPER is MONSTER SIZE!   It is 20.5 inches LONG and the BUSINESS AREA of this baby, the ELECTRIFIED MESH, ALONE is an unheard of  9-3/16 x 7.5 inches!

It is not like some cheap scrawny zappers, this baby weighs over NINE OUNCES and when you pick it up, it really feels substantial.  It is a PROFESSIONAL ZAPPER, not a cheap toy.   It used powerful LITHIUM ION rechargeable batteries that are built in and good for 600+ full charging cycles, more than 600 if you don't let it go down to zero power.    That is this Zapper's EVIL SECRET.  It is the tremendous battery power.  Most puny zappers take 2 scrawny little AA batteries.

When you get this zapper, before you use it for the first time, charge it overnite for 6-8 hours.

It is a high tech device and can be used indoors or outdoors.   Suitable for 110v-240v.

Switch to OFF while charging.  While using switch to ON and then press the button to electrify the mesh.   The electric prongs that plug into the wall fold down when not charging and easily open with the tab insert that folds them down to plug-in and charge.

To extend the battery life, switch to OFF when NOT using.

This has an INNER electrified mesh web with two outer protected layers to keep you from zapping yourself accidentally.  There is a THICK PLASTIC divider to keep the inner mesh away from the protected two layers, one on each side.  To avoid zapping yourself, don't stick your fingers through one of the outer layers trying to touch the middle layer.  That is just plain DUMB!  (Especially with THIS zapper!)

Comes in Random Colors.   Colors vary according to stock that comes in.