KingSize Automatic WOODEN BUTTON Folding 45in Executive Black Umbrella+Case 18z


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KingSize Automatic REAL WOODEN BUTTON & REAL WOODEN HANDLE Folding 45in Executive Black Umbrella + Matching Case

45" measured over the arch from side to side, when open.

Only 19" folded to go right in briefcase or carry-on.


About this item

  • ☂Durable and Versatile options: Great Sun UV protection for use as a nice sun umbrella parasol; strong water resistance for being an utility rain umbrella. Besides, strong metal ribs supporting the frame firmly, against wind successfully, also a terrific windproof umbrella.
  • ☂Super water proof umbrella: Amazing waterproof ability. The surface of this kind of umbrella is made of special fiber material of ultra-high density, heaving passed the waterproof Test level 5 (the highest level) The drops will flip away when the rain falls.
  • ☂Comfortable REAL WOOD handle, so comfy!