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5pk Premium Rubberizred Grip Color Coded Toothbrushes

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5pk Premium Rubberizred  Grip Color Coded Toothbrushes

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This is a FIVE PACK of color coded toothbrushes, with soft-medium bristles and 5 different colored toothbrushes, so each family member can have their own color. They are ergonomically designed, with a rubberized grip, so that they are very comfortable in your hands, unlike an old-fashioned straight grip toothbrush. The toothbrush bristles are in an oval shape, for more efficient brushing action. These come individually blister packed, 5 to a card with perforations on the card between each toothbrush, so you can pull off one at a time as you need them, keeping the others factory fresh until you are ready to use them.


Individually packaged, 5 to a card

Rubberized Grip

Soft-Medium Bristles

Toothbrush is 7-3/8" long and 1-1/8" of that length is for the bristles

Color Coded, 5 Different Random Colors per 5-Pack