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✅ 3ft 30W Type C USB-C to 8pin Data Sync Charging Cable for Apple iphone 5-12

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✅ 3ft 30W Type C USB-C to 8pin Data Sync Charging Cable for Apple iphone 5-12

This professional cable is for the newer generation of chargers with the oval Type C output where you plug in your cable.

This cable is much faster with any level of output charger than standard cables.   Watch your charging times, you will be AMAZED.

Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge it, so you can see all the professional attention to detail and the quality of the product.   Note the braided cable, which is a work of art in itself and the reinforced neck where the plug ends are- that is the spot that is the downfall of all non-reinforced cables. 

On one end you have a type C make connector to go into your female Type C wall or car charger.   On the other end you have the 8pin connector that goes into your apple device.  This 8 pin connector can be used with all iphones from iphone 5 through 12, all the models at each level, all the way up to iphone 12 Pro Max, as well as ipads and ipods taking an 8pin cable.

Helpful tip - you should always pull cables out from the charger by the plug, not the wire and try not to have the cable bending at a right angle when going into your device or into the charger.  It should be a straight a path as possible.

This cable is extra thick and cable of handling up to and including 30w from your charger, depending on how much power your charger puts out.   Your phone will automatically take whatever it can use from your charger.

Tired of buying new cables every few weeks, then this is the cable for you!   You will NOT find a nicer professional cable at any price, for your device.