50 Foot Modular Telephone Coiled Handset Cord Phone, BLACK, 50ft. 50' 50 Feet


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If you have been shopping for a 50ft coiled cord, you may have noticed that it is nearly impossible to find them in BLACK.   50ft is the most sought after length and Black is the most popular color.  These two things, coupled with the supply chain issues the world is currently going through, are the reasons these are hard to find.   Our Black 50ft coiled handset cords are made from two Black 25ft coiled handset cords, securely and tightly connected in the middle with a black custom made connector, to make one beautiful Black 50ft coiled handset cord for your phone.   You can use it as a SINGLE 50ft coiled handset cord OR as TWO 25ft coiled handset cords.

We have a very limited quantity, grab as many as you would like until they are sold out.  Once sold out, this listing will likely disappear forever, as we bought the last ones our supplier had in stock.