TEN PACK 1-3/8" GENUINE VELCRO Sticky Dots Hook & Loop Circle, Circle VELCOINS


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This is for a 10-pack of Genuine Velcro Dots.   You get 10 of EACH side.  10 Hook and 10 Loop.

Each VELCRO DOT is 1-3/8" in diameter. It can easily be trimmed with an ordinary scissors if you need it to be smaller.

The Dots are very attractive looking, as per the photos above with my car. This is such an ingenious invention, you should buy a dozen to keep around the house! It is not just for attaching your car accessories to the dash! There are thousands of uses for this! Anywhere that you have a hard smooth surface will work! THESE ARE FANTASTIC AROUND THE OFFICE, JUST THINK OF ALL THE FUN & PRACTICAL USES! GREAT FOR KEEPING A PEN IN PLACE, ETC.

We searched for weeks for the perfect fastener that would allow our buyers to attach their accessories to their car dash and remove it quickly and easily, over and over again. It had to be STRONG, so the car accessory would not come off on bumps and be temperature resistant in the hot sun. In tropical climates the HOT sun can heat the interior of a car to 120 degrees or more. These have an operarting range up to 225 degrees fahrenheit and a special acrylic base which is perfect for attaching to a car dash. The round design ensures no more lifted edges! The adhesive dissolves in simple nail polish remover or acetone, so this is great if you go to sell your car and want to remove the dot later on.

Note, for BEST strength, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, let the adhesive sit on the objects for 24 hours after you peel and stick the velcro on the objects. If you can put a weight on them, that is great, to press them down, but is not necessary. These were designed to reach maximum adhesion in 24 hours. If you put the two halves together before that time, you will not take full advantage of its potential superior bonding strength!



Pre-cut, circular VELCRO

Rounded corners for easy assembly - no more lifted edges

Pressure Sensitive VELCOINs

Available with acrylic-based (SPECTRUM 0172)

Hook Dot and Loop Dot components are included in your pair of DOTS

SPECTRUM (0172) Adhesive

This is an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for high temperature performance and superior bond strength for uses in automotive, computer, medical, and other industries.

Moderate tack - medium set up

High temperature use

High strength

Full bond strength - 24 hours

Temperature operating range 0