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Woof! Woof! Bowlingual Dog Bark Translator - Bow-Lingual

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Woof! Woof!  Bowlingual Dog Bark Translator - Bow-Lingual

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This the famous Bow-Lingual as featured on Oprah and in the Times of London and on countless tv, radio stations and newspapers all over the world. It is sold out everywhere and nearly impossible to find. We have managed to get our hands on a precious few of them and are offering them far below the suggested retail price of $249.95. These come in red and navy blue and each color is a different frequency. If you will be ordering for two dogs in the same household, be sure to order 1 of each color, so that you can not only see what your dogs are saying to you, but also to each other.

Buy 6 or more and get the free colorful Counter Display Box, with a pack of free brochures to give out to your customers, as shown to the left. Then put this counter display by your cash register in your pet shop and watch them fly right out the door! The Counter Display has been shown to double retail sales of the Bow-Lingual in pet shops.

Item is in mint condition, gently used.   Box may show some signs of shelf wear.

Here is exactly how Bow-Lingual knows what you dog is saying: The science of the Bow-Lingual is the result of many years' hard work by experts in acoustics and animal behavior. The core Animal Emotion Analysis System (AEAS) was developed by Dr. Matsumi Suzuki of the Japan Acoustics Laboratory. Dr. Suzuki analyzed over 5,000 voiceprints of dog barks and, in consultation with animal behaviorists, assigned each voiceprint to an emotional category. Dr. Suzuki discovered that dogs typically express six emotions with their barks; happy, sad, on-guard, frustrated, assertive and needy. A database of phrases was then developed to translate these emotions into English. The Bow-Lingual will help you to enjoy a closer and happier relationship with your dog.

5 ordinary AAA batteries (any brand) are required (not included).    These sets are factory refurbished and in their original packaging.  Some boxes may have a little shelfwear.


Bark Translation: Analyzes your dog's barks to determine which of six emotions he or she is feeling: happy, sad, frustrated, on-guard, assertive and needy. The Bow-Lingual then provides a phrase matched to the emotion, to represent what your dog might say if only he or she could speak.
Body Language: a guide to interpret your dog's behavior to help you teach and care for your dog.
Home Alone Mode: monitors and records your dogs barks and emotions for up to 8 hrs while you are away.
Ten Training Tips: useful training tips on subjects such as toilet training and chew-training your dog.
Medical Reference: Medical checklist to help you keep your dog healthy. The content is provided by Dr. Tamara Shearer, DVM, author of 3 books, including "Emergency First Aid for your Dog and "The Essential Book for Dogs Over Five."
Set-Up: calibrates Bow-Lingual to the breed of your dog. Over 80 of the most common breeds (see photo to the left) are pre-programmed, and other breeds including mixed breeds can be registered by size of dog and shape of snout.