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✅ Rare Iraq Iraqi Card Poker Playing Cards Uncut Virgin Sheets

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✅ Rare Iraq Iraqi Card Poker Playing Cards Uncut Virgin Sheets
Be the first person on your block with your very own UNCUT SHEET! Be the first store in your neighborhood to carry them! Be the first vendor at your flea market to carry them! You can order from us in whatever quantity you would like.....from one uncut sheet all the way up to the total available. On the internet, people have paid hundreds of dollars for these sheets the second they become available, which is very rarely. You see these cards on the nightly news and the newspaper as they capture each new MOST WANTED person. They say, we just got the EIGHT OF SPADES OR THE SEVEN OF HEARTS..........now you can just glance at your uncut sheet to see their picture when they say that! They are our hottest item EVER!

UNCUT SHEETS WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE RELEASED to the general public and they were supposed be kept under lock and key with 24/7 security. You DON'T WANT to know what I had to do to get my hands on these few sheets. I got them back in 2003 and have kept them well out of sight for all these years. I have decided to sell them here, as a special treat for our loyal website buyers.

Uncut MINT sheet of cards measures a generous 24" wide x 36" high. Printed with a 4-color process (the highest-quality full-color print method available) and finished with a glossy plastic coating.

These are REAL, high quality playing cards in an uncut sheet, printed on special playing card, carbon filled paper and plastic coated, made to the same exacting standards that casinos require for their custom printed playing cards. The back of each card has the Standard Camouflage pattern, as shown above in the bottom picture. Similar to the decks produced for the US Embassy in Kuwait (sorry those are not available for public sale and are only available in the theatre of operations overseas). The troops were given a deck of cards, issued by the Dept. of Defense, picturing the images and names of the ousted Iraqi leadership to aid in their "pursuit, killing, and capture." SADDAM HUSSEIN, of course, is the ACE OF SPADES in these decks! These playing cards are casino quality. Every sheet has identical, card for card, "MOST WANTED" photos with the same info as on the ones issued by the Dept. of Defense. The cards on these sheets are alternatively known by the following adjectives: Iraq Playing Cards, Iraqi Playing Cards, Iraq War Criminal Cards, 55 Most Wanted Playing Cards, Iraq Playing Card Decks.