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Party Tyme Karaoke- Super Hits Vol 11

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Party Tyme Karaoke- Super Hits Vol 11

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Party Tyme Karaoke- Super Hits Vol 11

       1. Bubbly (made popular by Colbie Caillat) [karaoke mix]

2. Hey There Delilah (made popular by Plain White Ts) [karaoke mix]
  3. Love Song (made popular by Sara Bareilles) [karaoke mix]
  4. Paralyzer (made popular by Finger Eleven) [karaoke mix]
  5. No One (made popular by Alicia Keys) [karaoke mix]
  6. Over You (made popular by Daughtry) [karaoke mix]
  7. Who Knew (made popular by Pink) [karaoke mix]
  8. Rockstar (made popular by Nickelback) [karaoke mix]
  9. Clumsy (made popular by Fergie) [karaoke mix]
  10. First Time (made popular by Lifehouse) [karaoke mix]
  11. The Sweet Escape (made popular by Gwen Stefani) [karaoke mix]
  12. IDon't Wanna Be in Love (made popular by Good Charlotte) [karaoke mix]
  13. Shut Up and Drive (made popular by Rihanna) [karaoke mix]
  14. S.O.S. (made popular by Jonas Brothers) [karaoke mix]
  15. He Said She Said (made popular by Ashley Tisdale) [karaoke mix]
  16. Wake Up Call (made popular by Maroon 5) [karaoke mix]