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✅ MONSTER PRO LASER BEAST® - Laser STAYS ON - 15-Led Flashlight & Laser Pointer

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✅ MONSTER PRO LASER BEAST® - Laser STAYS ON - 15-Led Flashlight & Laser Pointer

The MONSTER PRO LASER BEAST® is a super-bright 15-LED Flashlight with a built-in precision red beam laser pointer. This laser pointer is DIFFERENT than every other laser pointer we have ever seen, it STAYS ON without having to hold the button down! If your cat or dog loves chasing the red laser dot, you know how painful and holding down the button can get on all other laser pointers.... Just click the button into the laser on position and that is it. You then just click it off when you want to turn of the laser! Forget about those hard-to-find button cell batteries that cost more than the laser pointers themselves, the Tactical Beast ® takes 3 ordinary AAA batteries. AAA batteries pack much more power than button cell batteries and also last MUCH longer, giving you much more time to play before having to change your batteries.

Most laser pointers run on 3.0v. The Monster Pro Laser Beast® runs on 4.5v, so this means the 5-LED flashlight and 10-LED flashlight and the Laser Pointer modes are VERY BRIGHT.

This is a very well made precision instrument, originally designed for tactical police and military use, but perfect for home or office use. With a laser pointer range of over 1,000 meters (3,000 feet), you will love this unit. The built-in SUPER-BRIGHT FLASHLIGHT (runs in economy 5LED mode or SUPER BRIGHT 10 LED mode) is just an added bonus. Click once to turn on the 5-LED flashlight, click again to turn on the 10-LED flashlight, click again to turn on the red beam laser, click again to turn off the red beam laser. Be sure to buy extras for your friends and family who will all want one! Put one in each car for emergencies.

Comes with a FREE optional carrying strap.

When buying your MONSTER PRO LASER BEAST®, why not get a few spares, in case you accidentally misplace yours or it grows its own legs and walks away. These are so popular, they have been known to grown their own legs and walk away before you even know what happened, if you know what I mean. They also make great gifts for friends and family. Guaranteed, when your friends see you with one of these, they will be jealous and want their own. Buy extras and make lots of people in your life happy!

-FREE optional carrying strap
-easy to follow directions

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    Great Flashlight/laser

    Posted by Tammie on Aug 7th 2018

    My dog LOVES this laser and it keeps my thumb from bothering me while holding a button down.. Also has a black light feather on it.. Which is great for hunting down pet mishaps..