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Limit One for $1: Cell Phone Antenna Booster

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Limit One for $1:  Cell Phone Antenna Booster

NOTE:  Use two for better results.  If applying in your battery compartment, most cell phones can fit TWO of these for best boosting of your reception.  If applying to the outside of your phone on the back, you can use up to THREE of these for best boosting of your reception.  See below for installation instructions.


THESE ARE UNIVERSAL CELL PHONE ANTENNA BOOSTERS AND THEY WORK ON ANY CELLPHONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, DIGITAL OR ANALOGUE, iPhone or Android or any other model or brand.    They may mean the difference between losing a call and not losing it.....the difference between being able to use your cell phone in your house and not being able to. They will not pick up a signal where none exists....... but if there is a signal there, it will make it stronger! ON TV, these sell for $19.99. They are yours right here for just a MERE FRACTION of that cost

These cell phone antenna boosters are LIKE having a FOUR FOOT ANTENNA on your phone! They work on ANY mobile phone. They reduce static. They even help extend your battery lift as your cell phone will not have to work as hard to search out a signals. They are good in elevators, tunnels, buildings and more! BUY TWO FOR EVEN MORE BOOSTING POWER! There is room on most phones for two of them. You can trim a bit off of the side of the booster, just be careful not to cut into the copper foil, just trim the clear plastic if you need a bit more space. Also when installing two, make sure the copper foil from one does not touch the copper foil from the other one. If you can't fit two, you can also pass one on to a friend! Before removing the adhesive backing, try positioning them on your phone first, to see how they will fit. I was easily able to fit two on my cell phone by just trimming a smidgeon off the clear plastic, from both boosters.

The cell phone antenna booster is a passive device designed to capture stray radiation in the body of the phone and to re-radiate the signal to improve the phone's performance. The antenna will work most efficiently when installed properly. When using the phone, try to avoid placing your hand over the area where the internal antenna is installed.

The cell phone antenna booster is generally not affected by extreme heat or moisture, however users are advised to protect the antenna from physical damage, such as scratches.

Here are the easy 60 second installation instructions (anyone can do this........if you have mastered turning on your cell phone, you can do this!):



1. Remove the battery from your phone.

2. Wipe the battery compartment with a clean dry cloth to remove any fingerprints or dirt.

3. Remove the yellow backing from the internal antenna cell phone booster, being careful not to leave fingerprints. You may find tweezers helpful in this process.

4. Press the internal cell phone antenna booster onto the body of the phone toward the side that the fixed antenna enters the phone. Be careful when installing the internal cell phone antenna booster not to let it touch any circuit boards or metal contacts on the body of the phone.

5.  Apply TWO for best results, side by side, without any overlap of the gold circuits.

5. Replace the battery.



1. Remove your case from your phone (if you have a case).

2.  Clean the surface of the back of your phone.  Make sure it is clean and dry before applying the booster(s).

3.  Apply one, two or three (use maximum of 3, for best reception) antenna boosters in the bottom of your phone (apply two for best results), centered, on the back.   Apply them horizontally, without any overlap of the gold circuits.  If using two, place one about the other, without them touching each other.

4. Put your case back on (if you have a case).


Once you have installed this in or on your phone, you can then put a plastic, rubber or leather case over it, without affecting the cell phone booster at all.