LifePro Vizacure LED Face & Neck Skincare Mask Light Therapy Portable (Vizicure)

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LifePro Vizacure LED Face Mask Light Therapy - An LED Light Mask for Face & Neck Skincare - Truly Portable


About this item

  • LED LIGHT THERAPY MASK : The light mask helps improve blood flow & Collagen Production, calms & tightens skin, improves pigmentation & fine lines, smooths the skin & improves tissue metabolism.
  • LED MASK THERAPY FACIAL: Use natural light therapy for face to transfer the energy into your skin. LED Face Light Therapy can brighten skin color, reduce wrinkles & pores, while tightening skin.
  • LED MASK SKINCARE UNIT - The latest in light irradiation technology! Made for safety, comfort, & frequent use, the light therapy face mask reenergizes your face & improves the skin's appearance.
  • COMFORTABLE LED LIGHT MASK - Our face light therapy mask is comfortable, natural & reusable. Use with your favorite skin care products to boost the effectiveness of your daily skin routine!
  • LED FACIAL LIGHT THERAPY FOR RELAXATION & LED MASK SKIN CARE - Our Facial Light Therapy Mask helps you relax after work, while red light therapy for face improves your overall skin complexion with LED therapy.
  • 34 Total LED's
  • WAVELENGTH:  Red/Blue/Amber
  • DC 5V 1A
  • USB Cable to charge up device with your cell phone USB Wall or Car Charger or Powerbank.