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LCD Indicator Screen Universal Battery Charger For Cell Mobile Phones + USB-Port

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LCD Indicator Screen Universal Battery Charger For Cell Mobile Phones + USB-Port

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LCD Indicator Screen Universal Battery Charger For Cell Mobile Phones + USB-Port




USB Port output and battery charging at the same time
LED charging light indicator when in charing
100% Brand New and High Quality Universal Battery Charger with USB Output
Intelligent dedicated battery charger with USB output.
When the battery is fully charged,automatically stop charging.
Safety cut out circuit,Built-in protection circuit prevents overcharging.
Constant current,constant voltage charging,automatic identification.
The high-quality LCD screen indicates connection and full charge.
Also convenient to interchange your spare batteries
Use the data line which corresponds to mobile phone can be charged directly to the phone.
Intelligent Chip: The smart chip protects from short circuit and overload by regulating voltage an ensuring a high effeciency charge. 

Technical Specifications:
Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 150mA
Output: DC 4.2V 400mA +/-50mA,
       DC5.2V, 1250mA(USB)
Connecter: US Plug
Short circuit and overload protection
Color: Black
Note: This Charger Only Fit For The Battery (32mm<=width<=55mm) 

Compatible with:
FIT all The Batteries (32mm<=width<=55mm)
Samsung Galaxy S3;
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini;
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini;
Samsung Galaxy S5;
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini;
Samsung Galaxy Note 2;
Samsung Galaxy Note 3;
Samsung Galaxy Note 4;
HTC ...; LG...; MOTO ...; Nokia ...;
Digital cameras
Mp3 Mp4 players
Hand held gaming devices
Acer, Asus, Audiovox, BlackBerry, Casio, CECT, Dell, Dopod, Garmin, Handspring, Hitachi, HP, Compaq, HTC, i-mate, Kyocera, LG, MiTAC, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, O2 Xda, Palm, Panasonic, Pantech, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile Sidekick, Toshiba, UTStarcom
...and many more rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (32mm<=width<=55mm)  

How does it work:
1. Place your battery under the YIBOYUAN clip with battery contacts facing pins.
2. Line up your battery''s positive and negative contacts to the pins.
     A: Most batteries are labeled positive (+) and negative (-).
     B: If yours is not, start with the outside contacts.
3. Slide the battery until the both pins are touching the battery contacts.
     A: The LCD will light up if it has a good connection.
     B: If not, adjust the pins and try again.
4. The battery is fully charged when the LCD shows four solid bars. 

Package include:
1x Universal Battery Charger with USB Output

1. American Standard Plug style.
2. Align YIBOYUAN''s Connect pins with the contacts on your battery.
3. For batteries with more than 2 contact points, start with the two outer contacts(left most and right most contacts).
4. Now slide your battery into YIBOYUAN''s pins.Make sure YIBOYUAN''s contact pins are touching the contacts on your battery.
5. "LCD" light indicates good connection,you have setup the charger correctly for this battery.
6. If the "LCD" lights does not indicate good connection,slide to another battery connection.
7. Now plug the universal battery only charger into a wall outlet.
8. The "LCD" light will start flashing while the battery being charged.If its not flashing its not charging!
9. The "FULL" LCD light will indicate a fully charged battery.
10.Totally dead batteries will not be seen or charged