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K N95 Folding Particulate Respirator Face Mask (KN95) (Single Mask Pack - Sealed) - In Stock - Pay Today, Ships Tomorrow! Going Fast!

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K N95 Folding Particulate Respirator Face Mask (KN95) (Single Mask Pack - Sealed) - In Stock - Pay Today, Ships Tomorrow!   Going Fast!

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Unfortunately, due to the shortage of this type of product on the market, we are working hard to find the best value for our buyers. We know this is not the price buyers typically pay for these products but at the moment these are the cheapest prices we can find. We want to offer our buyers options so that they can purchase what they need online.

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Stay healthy and safe when at work or out and about by wearing one of our KN95 Masks

They are suitable for adults and children and work, by protecting your airways for pollutants and allergens to help you breathe easier.

We were extremely lucky to get our hands on the ones that we have here, the will sell out very soon, so grab as many masks as you need.

In order to prevent risk of disease transfer, please remember to wash your hands frequently and wear masks when in large public settings.

-earloops made with thin stretchy polyurethane (sponge-like) material.
-great for allergy season:  blocks pollen, dust, smog, pollution, smoke, etc.
-soft and comfortable:  form fitting on most faces and suitable for wearing all the time.
-great for indoors and outdoors.
-suitable for traveling, hospital visits, being outdoors.







Here is a great article we found on the internet, that explains it better than we ever could!













KN95 Protective Mask. At least 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil. Before use, wearer must read and understand the user instructions. Misuse may adversely affect your health.

1. Hold the mask with the nose clip at the top, and pull the ear straps with both your hands.

2. Hold the mask against your chin to completely cover your nose and mouth.

3. Adjust the ear straps for a secure comfortable fit.

4. Use both your hands to adjust the shape of the nose clip.  Place your fingers in the middle of the nose clip and press upwards while moving your fingertips along both sides of the nose clip until it is pressed against the ridge of your nose.

5. Cover the mask with your hand and exhale vigorously if you feel the air escaping from the nose clip. It is required to tighten the nose clip, if air escapes from the edge of the mask, adjust ear bands to ensure tightness.


Positive pressure test: gently press the mask with both hands, then deliberately exhale. The air should not leave from edges of the mask.

Negative pressure test:  gently press the mask with both hands, then deliberately inhale. The center of the mask should slightly concave.

In case of air leakage, please adjust the position of nose clip and ear band until mask has a secure seal.




1. Before use, ensure the overall appearance of the mask is free of damage and dirt or other pollutants, that the elastic of the ear band is in good condition and the nose clip part is free of damage.

2.  If you feel it is hard to breathe, or you are dizzy or have other discomfort, leave the contaminated area.

3.  If you mask has gotten dirty and you feel it is more difficult to breathe, the mask should be replaced with a new one immediately.

4.  Do not refit, clean, abuse or misue this mask.

5.  The mask should be used with caution for patients with severe respiratory disease, COPD, cardiovascular disease and pregnant women.








1.  If you have any of the 3-ply blue surgical masks at home, pop on one over your KN95 mask to help protect it from getting dirty from the outside.  For less than 40 cents a day, you can protect your KN95 mask investment.  If you don't have any 3-ply blue surgical masks, we sell them right here on our website.  


2.  You can use a reusable face shield to protect your mask against getting coughed and sneezed on directly.






You might want to consider buying several, as doctors in the hospital do.   They rotate using them, to give them a few days in between uses to air out.  You should store them in a breathable brown paper bag while airing them out.



Don't ever share your mask with anyone, that can lead to cross contamination.



The KN95 Folding Particulate Respirator Face Masks are single packs, individually wrapped.   They are in stock and ready to ship.   They are suitable for adults and children and work by protecting your airways for viruses, pollutants and allergens to help you breathe easier and stay germ free as much as possible.


These fold flat so you can put in your pocket or purse easily.



N95, KN95 and FFP2 are recognized by the USA Center for Disease Control (CDC) as all being equivalent rated face masks.  N95 is a USA certification, FFP2 is a European Certification and KN95 is China’s Certification.

Also 3M itself agrees that KN95 masks do the same job as their N95 masks, you can see the article and comparison charts on 3M's site here:


High efficiency, heavy duty yet light weight to wear. This mask is great protection for yard work, vacuuming and driving in polluted areas.  Excellent, economical and maintenance-free protection that users are quick to accept. Custom fit, secure seal and reduced potential for eyewear fogging promote greater worker comfort and increase wear time. This respirator can also help reduce inhalation exposures to certain airborne biological particles.