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✅ HIGH VOLTAGE Handheld Electric Fly Swatter Mosquito Racket Bug Zapper Killer

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✅ HIGH VOLTAGE Handheld Electric Fly Swatter Mosquito Racket Bug Zapper Killer

This is the coolest invention that we have ever seen! So inexpensive and it REALLY WORKS on just 3 volts from ordinary AA alkaline batteries. The BUG ZAPPER looks just like a tennis racquet, weighs only a few ounces and will end ALL your flying insect problems the instant this arrives at your door. PERFECT for flies, mosquitos, bees, hornets and all other flying insects. You just push the button on the side and swing the BUG ZAPPER near the flying insect as it is flying or while it is on the window or wall. They are attracted to the bug zapper and then they are killed instantly.

Safer than messy, toxic, polluting chemicals. Cleaner than a fly swatter as there is no bloody mess to clean up on your window or wall and if your reflexes are not as fast as the insect's, you have the upper hand with this clever invention.

You don't have to smash the insect on the wall, you can get it while it is in midair as you swing your BUG ZAPPER toward it. If the insect is on the wall, as soon as you move the BUG ZAPPER over the insect, it will fly away from the wall instinctively and right into the BUG ZAPPER, where it will instantly meet its demise. You will hear a pop and will also see a spark as the insect makes contact with the zapper. Then it will fall to the floor or you can tap it off the BUG ZAPPER right into the trash.

I originally bought one BUG ZAPPER for my own use and loved it so much, I made a deal with the factory so I could bring them to you for this amazingly low price, with FREE s/h to anywhere in the USA. Kids love the hunt, Adults love the fact that they can instantly dispense with their fly problem (or other flying insect problem) in seconds.

You can easily get a dozen flies on a window in less than 15 seconds. You will wonder how you ever lived without this before! At this low price you can afford to get one for each room of your house.


-uses 2 ordinary AA alkaline batteries (batteries not included)
-easy to hold and swing, just like a tennis racket
-17.5" from top of BUG ZAPPER mesh racket to bottom of handle
-made of plastic and metal
-comes in random assorted colors and racquet patterns.
-shipped in a protective white vinyl bubble envelope