FXW Rollick 2 Panels for Dog Playpen - In/Out, 24" High- BUY MORE to MAKE BIGGER


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FXW Rollick 2 Panels for Dog Playpen - Camping, Yard, 24" High for Small/Medium

You can buy and combine multiple 2-Panel Sets if you need a larger configuration (see photos for ideas).    For example, 2 sets of 4 will give you a square pen play area.  3 sets will give you either a hexagon or a long rectangle.

(One set of 2 will give you a triangular play area with the 3rd side against a wall, but it won't be secured.  To be secured, you need at least two sets of 2 Panels, then it will be secured and completely closed off on its own.)

Can be used with other brands with a similar rod-connected design, to make your existing pen larger.

About this item

  • ?【A win-win solution】The FXW Dog Playpen is designed to bring a win-win solution to you and your lovely dog. Different from a narrow enclosure cage or kennel, the FXW dog pen provides a spacious semi-open activity area specifically for your dog. Your dog will have fun in its safe and sturdy kingdom. Meanwhile, you can take a real break and be truly relaxed without worrying about your beloved pet. Fun, Relaxation and Well-being is the orientation of the FXW team.
  • ?【Unlock your freedom, savor the moment】The stakes are designed with rounded ball tops to protect the dog's claws from injury. The rods are easily inserted into the ground for greater stability and rigidity, which won't collapse when the dog leans against them. Also, the automatic gravity-actioned locking mechanism will ensure you can open and close the door smoothly and reduces the chance of dogs unlocking by themselves. All of this is designed for absolute safety, so you can really relax.
  • ?【Super easy to assemble】It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to assemble these portable dog fences as well as pack them away due to the rod-connected design. Meanwhile, panels can be added or removed freely to give you a fully flexible area and arrange the dog pen in any shape you need.
  • ?【Multi-scenario use】The FXW dog playpen features a powder coating that will help protect against rust and extend its life, which makes it ideal for RV camping, traveling, or for use in the yard. When used indoors, we recommend placing it on a dog pad or carpet to prevent the rods from scratching the floor, or please try our new floor protectors or dog pee pad for the same purpose.

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