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Doorbell With Heart Shape Speaker - Door Bell

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Doorbell With Heart Shape Speaker - Door Bell

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Don't pay $100 or more to fix your old door bell! ....you can solve your door bell problem right now for $4.99! If so, you have come to just the right place! For $4.99 you can have a BRAND-NEW beautiful door bell with a HEART-SHAPED SPEAKER OPENING! Now people won't have to bang on your door and get finger marks all over your door!

This doorbell takes two inexpensive AA batteries, which you can find in our store for as low as 10 cents each! It takes less than 90 seconds to set this up and you can attach the door bell switch and the speaker with small screws that you can find in a hardware store for just pennies (or that you may already have around your house)... OR BETTER YET... see our VELCRO DOTS if you don't want to fool around with screws and a screwdriver. (If ordering the optional VELCRO DOTS, be sure to order two velcro dots, one for the door bell switch and one for the speaker). This door bell comes with a 6 foot long cord. We had a lot of fun using this door bell, as it is realy a joy to use and SO PRACTICAL. Where else can you get a DOOR BELL for $2.99? Compare with door bells costing $19.95 in high end home improvement stores and hardware stores.