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✅DoggyXL T-Shirt Fits Custom Made for Great Danes - Keep warm - Form Fitting

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✅DoggyXL T-Shirt Fits Custom Made for Great Danes - Keep warm - Form Fitting

DoggyXL Shirt

A Regular size DoggyXL shirt, designed for big dogs 70-135 pounds. Made of TENCEL, a naturally anti-microbial, incredibly stretchy and soft sustainable material.    Choose your Favorite Color and Design.

One giant-breed shirt tailored for the gentle giant's body. Incredibly stretchy, incredibly soft. Like activewear & silk had a beautiful shirt-baby. The material is called TENCEL, an organic, sustainable byproduct of eucalyptus that's naturally anti-bacterial, and scientifically darn-near stink proof. 

This T-Shirt is also excellent for Megaesophagus Dogs, to cover their Peg Tube.   Use together with an Ace bandage over the shirt for extra support to hold the tube in place.

A Message From THE CREATOR of DoggyXL T-Shirts:

My name is Ben, I created DoggyXL with my 9 year old Great Dane, "Azeem" (the "Great One"). I picked him up at 10 weeks old, and he's blessed my life ever since. Azeem is basically a supermodel / astronaut / Mother Theresa type dog. Everywhere he goes, people want to touch him, examine him, figure out how he became so good-lookin', and see if he can come to their daughter's 9th birthday party. He spreads cheer everywhere he goes. He used to be a therapy dog in retirement homes, where everyone's day was brighter just by getting to see him up close. I'm very proud that he's stuck with me all these years. Now together we can unveil DoggyXL products for Giant Dog Breed lovers everywhere.

We live and work in Denver, Colorado, where everyone loves their dog! We enjoy hiking, squirrel watching, and barking at people audacious enough to walk on the sidewalk in front of our house. Especially our wonderful mailman, Mike.