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✅Stealth Covert Concealer Kit for Apple AirTags! Hide it from Thieves! FREE S/H

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✅Stealth Covert Concealer Kit for Apple AirTags!  Hide it from Thieves! FREE S/H

There are a number of reasons that someone might want to hide their Apple AirTag from view, when they put it into position and mount it.

One very good reason, for example, is you do NOT want the thief of your item, for example, to see the Apple AirTag in the laptop case with your turned off macbook pro (which you cannot actively track till it is turned on again, at which point your macbook pro may be far, far away).  The AirTag is always on and ready to be tracked, so you can find your macbook pro, for example, EVEN IF IT IS TURNED OFF.

Same goes for if you hide your AirTag in your car or on your motorcycle or bike.  You don't want the thief to find it easily in sight, they can just grab it, and chuck it and you will eventually find your AirTag, but no macbook pro, no bicycle, no motorcyle, no car...... you get the idea!

If the thief sees it, all he has to do is chuck it out the window or open it up and take out the battery, if he (or she) wants to keep the AirTag from you, too!   What a low-life they would be to want to keep your airtag also!   Creeps!   

So what this 3 piece kit does, is gives you a solution to both hide the AirTag from sight and it also slightly mutes the sound it will eventually make (after 3 days) for a few seconds, to make it less likely the thief will hear it when it goes off for those few seconds.

The RED background photo above shows the TWO soft velcoins on both sides of the Apple AirTag.

You will get THREE round Genuine 3M Velcro Velcoins (2 soft sides and 1 hard side), that will fit your AirTag PERFECTLY, with no cutting of velcro.   The items in this 3 piece kit are NOT made by Apple, they are made by 3M, the maker of Velcro Velcoins.  These are not generic hook and loop fasteners, they have genuine 3M markings are on the tape that the velcoins are sticking to, that you will receive.  These are the REAL DEAL.  SuperStrong Adhesive.   That is what you need.


-first, put one soft velcoin on each side of the AirTag.   Press hard for a few seconds.

-second, find a good hiding spot for your AirTag and put the rough velcoin on that spot.  Should be clean and smooth and not likely to get wet.   press hard for a few seconds.

-third, push your AirTag with the soft velcoins against the rough velcoin, pressing hard for a few seconds.... AND YOU ARE DONE!

If you need to pull it off, you can pull it off and put it back on, as many times as you need.   Just be sure to pull off carefully the soft side from the rough side, but putting your finger against the rough side, so it does not come off the surface.  It is SUPER STRONG, but better to be careful, if you need to take it off.