Black Beast® Pro Grade GREEN Beam Laser Pointer- 5mw USA LEGAL

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This is the famous BLACK BEAST® Professional grade GREEN BEAM laser pointer.

Our digital camera was not sensitive enough to capture the green beam shooting through the night air in all the photos, but you will easily see it with your own eyes at night.

GREEN LASER POINTER SECRET: A green beam laser pointer appears to the human eye to be 80 times BRIGHTER than a red beam AAA battery laser pointer of the same power, as the human eye is over 80 times more sensitive to the GREEN spectrum of light, as compared with the red spectrum of light.

SHIPPED FROM THE USA. We are located in the USA, so your laser pointer will be shipped DIRECTLY from the USA tomorrow, if paid today.

If you are tired of toy plastic or cheap metal laser pointers or getting laser pointers with batteries that are SO EXPENSIVE or NEARLY impossible to find, then this laser pointer is for you! Whether you are professional astronomer who needs a laser pointer to point out the constellations in the planetarium, a teacher who needs a laser pointer for the classroom, or would just like a long-lasting laser pointer for your cat or dog to chase after, or just a fun laser pointer to carry in your pocket, the BLACK BEAST® is for you!

-Maximum output power <5mW
-takes two inexpensive easy to find AAA batteries (batteries not included)
-drop both AAA batteries down into the battery compartment, with the + side going in first
-easy access battery compartment: twist open from center of laser pointer
-precision craftmanship you will notice right away, easy glide twist to open battery compartment
-sturdy OVERSIZED metal button on/off switch, is so comfortable and easy on your fingers
-pen style, with convenient pen clip
-<5mw Class IIIa laser pointer
-This device complies with 21 CFR, Part 1040, 10 and 1040.11.
-Laser Diode
-Wavelength 532nM
-keep the laser beam away from people's eyes and your pet's eyes.