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✅ Mix lot of 50/100 Empty Used Ink Cartridges - GET $100/$200 REWARDS AT STAPLES

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✅ Mix lot of 50/100 Empty Used Ink Cartridges - GET $100/$200 REWARDS AT STAPLES
THIS IS SO DARN EASY, YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF LOOKING OVER YOUR SHOULDERS WHEN IN STAPLES OR OFFICE MAX, TO SEE IF SECURITY IS WATCHING!!!  TRUST ME, NO ONE IS WATCHING, THEY WANT YOU TO COME IN AND DO THIS!!!  If you have never done this before, as soon as you walk in, go over to customer service and just tell them you are there to recycle your cartridges and they will smile, take them from you and then get you your receipt!  It is that DARN EASY!

WHY?  Because they are hoping you will spend more than the FREE money they give you.    Besides, Staples and Office Max are environmentally responsible merchants and WANT you to recycle.

You earn your rewards one month in arrears, that means the first month you recycle, you will not have any money to spend on that trip.  The second month, you will have the money you earned the first month and you will earn more $ towards the third month.    You usually get your rewards certificate between the 10th and 15th of the month, by email.  Then just print out the certificate OR bring in the email on your phone for them to scan in.  That is how easy it is!

Join Staples Rewards for free and you can recycle up to 10 cartridges per month and get $2 each ($20 FREE MERCHANDISE per month).   If you join the optional Staples Plus program, you can recycle up to 20 cartridges per month and get $40 FREE MERCHANDISE per month!   

DID YOU KNOW, you don't even have to drive over to Staples to recycle, THEY WILL give you a prepaid UPS label to send them in by UPS (see link on your "available rewards" page, just click on the "recycle ink and toner" link)!   Then you can redeem your reward money online for free merchandise, ALSO with free shipping.

So you NEVER have to leave your house or waste money on gas, to buy these from us, or to then ship them in to Staples, then order your free merchandise from Staples with free shipping!

These can also be used for Office Max ink recycling.