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✅ 4pcs Worldwide Foreign Travel Adaptor Kit - Plug Your USA device in ANYWHERE!

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✅ 4pcs Worldwide Foreign Travel Adaptor Kit - Plug Your USA device in ANYWHERE!

AFTER YOU READ THIS LOVELY DESCRIPTION, IF YOU STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?   Contact us, we are EXPERTS on this stuff!  (or at least we LIKE to think we are!  No seriously, we ARE!)   When you buy from SuperGoodDeals, you are NOT just buying the item, you are also buying our time to help you, all included in our low price!

This World Travel Adaptor Kit allows you to physically connect your US Plug devices to the wall plugs overseas. 

You get FOUR different types of plugs, see photo above, which will allow you to plug in your US appliances and devices, anywhere in the world or on any cruise ship!

VERY IMPORTANT, NOTE:  unless your devices can run on either 220v or 110v, which is very unusual if they do and they would say on the bottom or back of the device where the tech specs are, then if they don't, you will also need the FOREIGN STEP DOWN converter in this listing also.   SEE BELOW.

If you are traveling elsewhere, you would also want to get our FOREIGN STEP DOWN CONVERTER KIT, to step down the higher overseas 220v to 110v, which is sold separately, right in this listing, see photos.

Foreign Electricity (220V/240V) is different from standard use US Electricity (110V/120V).  To use your travel appliances overseas, you must use a converter to reduce the voltage, otherwise your appliance will not operate.  Using a foreign travel converter is SIMPLE.   Just plug it into the foreign wall outlet, then plug your appliance into the female side of this converter and use your appliance as you would at home!

Professional Grade 1600 Watts Foreign Step Down Converter for:

-Hair Dryer

-Curling Iron

-Hair Straightener


-Hot Water heaters

-Coffee Cup Heaters

-Laptop Chargers

-Phone chargers

-Air Pumps

-and everything smaller!

If you are going to be using more than one wall outlet in your hotel room or ship stateroom, BE SURE to buy what you need, once you get OVERSEAS, these will be hard to find and EXPENSIVE!   We have nice discounts for buying more than one right in this listing.   :-)

This device takes foreign 220V wall taps and steps them down to 110V so you can use all your favorite items from home in the USA, as you travel abroad and on cruise ships.  

NOTE:  This device plugs into the standard two prong foreign outlets that you see in Southern Europe and Northern Europe, the Middle East, Parts of Africa and South America.    If you are traveling there, where they have these two round pins, you are all set with buying this stepdown converter.    You would NOT need the 4pcs Worldwide Travel Adaptor Kit, JUST the Stepdown converter.