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✅ 10-Packs - Magichem Bleach Tabs - BLEACH AS LOW AS 25 CENTS / GALLON- FREE S/H

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✅ 10-Packs - Magichem Bleach Tabs - BLEACH AS LOW AS 25 CENTS / GALLON- FREE S/H

Bleach is bleach!  The active chemical in bleach does not change from one brand to another!

EACH 10-PACK MAKES 10 GALLONS OF BLEACH.   ie. if you want to order 10 gallons worth, you will get ONE 10-PACK of bleach tabs.  If you want 100 gallons worth, you will get TEN 10-PACKS, etc.

EACH TABLET IS approximately 3/4" diameter and 3/8" thickness.

Have you noticed how expensive bleach has become in the stores and now they are not even giving you a full gallon (128 oz) of bleach, they have cut the jug size to just 64 oz or if you are lucky about 121oz (for the market leading brand at grocery stores and discount department stores)?   Remember the good old days where a gallon used to be 128 oz.  Well it is still 128 oz, they are just giving you LESS than a gallon in the bottles they sell now.  It is another sneaky way of raising the price even more!   Rememer the good old days where you could buy bleach for under $.17 a gallon?   I do!   And I missed them.  That is why we started selling Magichem Bleach Tabs!  The days of under 17 CENTS a gallon are BACK, but only here at SuperGoodDeals.com.    Your best pricing comes with a commercial bulk purchase of 1000 gallons worth of tablets, purchased in a quantity of 4, to make 4000 gallons of bleach, for less than 25 cents a gallon!

Do you have a cleaning service?  Stop dragging around heavy bottles of bleach, just make it on the spot!
Well, now you can just ignore the high prices and smaller jug sizes at the store!
Just drop one tablet into a gallon jug of water and in minutes have a gallon of bleach!  TIP:   if in a hurry, use hot water, will dissolve faster and make a gallon of bleach faster!  
Why pay $4.50 or more a gallon at the store for bleach when you can make your own in minutes for a fraction of what bleach in the store costs! 

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    Magichem Bleach Tabs

    Posted by Di on Jun 8th 2022

    Easy to use and carry. And...
    First of all, the gallon jugs are heavy to carry.
    Second, they add to the never ending plastic continents growing in the ocean (and killing marine life). (The one's worried about the environment don't seem to care about that though.)
    Third, you just drop a tablet in water and there you have it.
    I love this for the above reasons.

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    Bleach tabs

    Posted by Steven on May 8th 2021

    When you see what a gallon of bleach costs now this product is a steal.

  • 5
    Excellent a gallon of bleach from one tablet

    Posted by Antoinette on Feb 7th 2021

    Bleach prices have skyrocketed. It's also a pain to have to get the jug in the house. This stuff is amazing. Drop a tablet in an old empty bleach bottle with water. Allow time to disolve and your are done!! So easy. And its the same strength as the in-store products. Time and space saver. I'd highly recommend this product. I had to hunt for a few days to find it.

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    Fabulous Price - Can't Find Them anywhere else

    Posted by Jason on May 27th 2020

    Product shipped on time, The checkout took all of 30 seconds, and there is a reason this is my 10th order in the past two years. I started with an Electronic device and moved into cleaning supplies. Always a pleasure! Keep up the good work guys!

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    Perfect for disinfecting during COVID!

    Posted by David Albert on May 4th 2020

    These tablets arrived quickly and are exactly as shown. I dissolved a tablet in water and the resulting solution smelled like bleach. My understanding is that the tablets aren't sodium hypochlorite (bleach), but are Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate which appears to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 with 10 minutes of contact (vs. 1 minute for bleach); see: