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Multicolor Hands Free Rain & Sun Fun Umbrella Hat (Red-Blue-Green-Yellow) (RBGY)

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Multicolor Hands Free Rain & Sun Fun Umbrella Hat (Red-Blue-Green-Yellow) (RBGY)

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This is the coolest rain and sun hat we have ever seen! It is MUCH BETTER THAN A BASEBALL CAP BECAUSE air can easily get to the top of your head & the umbrella doesn't touch your head at all. These hats work! Believe it or not, although these hats may appear funny looking, when you wear it, everyone is going to want one and will want to know where you bought it! These umbrella hats leave you hands free to do more important things than just hold your umbrella up. Buy a dozen........all your friends and family will want one! They are extremely hard to find. Everyone has seen one at some point during their life and wanted one, but no one knows where to get them. Makes a great, unique and inexpensive gift!

NOTE:  we have other color combinations in our other listings on our website.

One Size Fits All from Kids to Adults
100% hands-free
soft & comfy to wear
made of durable nylon
super easy to open & close
folds down to a tiny size, but opens up to a full 21 inches (measured over the top arc of the umbrella)
wide elastic band holds it comfortably and securely to your head.
8 ribs for superior strength
strong inner frame keeps the umbrella from touching your head

perfect for rain & sun
perfect for gardening
perfect for trips to the beach
perfect for using the hot tub when snowing
perfect for golfers
perfect for fisherman
perfect for campers
perfect for hikers
perfect for sporting events (will not block people behind you like a giant umbrella would)
perfect for picnics
perfect for outdoor events