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Littleton LCA48T and ST1648 Pro 50-State / DC US Territories Quarter Album Book Binder Kit

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Littleton LCA48T and ST1648 Pro 50-State / DC US Territories Quarter Album Book Binder Kit

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This combo kit includes Littleton LCA48T and ST1648.

This is the ULTIMATE 50 State Quarter Collector's album! IT IS UPDATED FOR 2009 and includes the special DC & US TERRITORIES page. There is NOTHING ELSE you have to buy. We have put together a professional's kit with the best of everything you will need to save and preserve your 50 State quarters for generations to come. First of call, you get a pair of white cotton gloves so you can properly handle your quarters without getting oils from your hand on them. Next, you get anti-corrosion pages to put in your album, to keep them from corroding. Next you get a SLIP CASE to slip your coin album into, to minimize air flow around your quarters and to make your collection LOOK GOOD on your bookshelf! .......and most importantly, there is the ALBUM itself. This is the CREME DE LA CREME of all quarter albums. Not only is this produced by Littleton Coin, it is their BEST album. This is their ultimated album for collectors. We have put all these things together into ONE KIT for you, so YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! THE PHOTOS show everything that you will be getting and here is a little bit more info about the album and the kit! All the components of this kit are BRAND-NEW and come carefully packed to preserve their mint condition.

Just look at the solid construction of this book. This is NOT a dime store album, this is a professional work of art. Look at the metal grommets that protect the pages as you flip them back and forth and back and forth thousands of times over the years. Look at the workmanship on the RINGS in the binder. They work as great as they look, snapping smartly open and smartly closed! Look at the THICK contruction of each page. Note, you can PUT BOTH D + P quarters for each state in your album, unlike MOST other albums. NOTE, you can also view BOTH sides of the quarters, unlike most other albums! Note, besides being made from acid-free, lignin-free and alum-free paper, you also get TWO anti-corrosion pages to put in your album. Look at the SLIP CASE, covered with the same material of the album. It looks like fine leather and the GOLD COLOR LETTERING is really classy. But besides being beautiful, MOST IMPORTANTLY, this album PROTECTS your quarters against corrosion for decades.

The quarters fit snugly into each hole. Everything is PRECISION DIE-CUT. This album also has a slot to slide the plastic protectors OVER AND UNDER each row of quarters, to keep air flow away from it and to keep oils from your fingers away from the quarters.

Here is a little bit of interesting info about the Archival Quality ANTI-CORROSION pages. You get two of these. Each page of LIttleton's Corrosion Protection provides safe, enhanced protection to shield your coins against corrosion. For maximum protection, pages should be used with an album housed in a slipcase. IMPORTANT: when this copper-colored page turns black, you should replace it with a new page immediately to ensure continued protection against corrosion. You will find these pages in our ebay store if you need more of them. These corrosion protection pages react with and neutralize gases in the air which cause coins to tone, discolor and corrode. It will not remove existing toning and corrosion, but rather, will keep coins in their current state of preservation. This product will not contaminate the coins it is protecting as there are no harmful agents in this inert material. These ANTI-CORROSION pages are made from CoroPlast CI and this product utilizes Corrosion Inhibiting Technology developed by Lucent Technology Bell Labs. Always store and handle your coins properly, keep them in a cool, dry environment and never clean coins without consulting with an expert.

The 50 State Quarter Commemorative Coin program is an historic minting agenda by the U.S. Mint. The program will issue 5 new quarter coins for 10 years ending in 2008. Each U.S. State will be represented with their own unique coin design. Coins are issued in the order that states joined the Union. This book holds one quarter for each state. This album holds both P & D in one album.

If you are collecting these quarters and re-selling them, putting them in these books for your buyers will allow you to command a MUCH HIGHER price for your time collecting them!

All of our coin albums make a FANTASTIC gift idea! Almost EVERYONE is collecting these quarters. As the years go by, it will become harder and harder to put together a complete collection of these quarters and you will never find them in circulation in as good a shape as they all are now!