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Eye Pet and Friends For - Playstation 3

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Eye Pet and Friends For - Playstation 3

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These games are Brand New and still Factory Sealed.

EyePet, just like a real pet, depends on you to keep him happy, healthy and growing strong. Now, with two little furballs on your hands, you've got an even bigger job. Use up to two PlayStation Move motion controllers (not included) to feed, nurture and entertain your pets, or hand one of them off to a friend or family member for a little help, and earn Pet Tokens for doing a great job. You love to dress up your EyePet, and this time, you can bedazzle him with outfits and toys of your own design as you craft them in the Creativity Center. A whole new toy chest offers plenty of new play options, including a laser pointer your pets will love to chase and a trick stick that will keep playtime fun. Plus, a variety of new games to play, activities to explore and tricks to teach are sure to keep you on your toes for nonstop fun. At the end of the day, you'll want to share all of your fun pet-filled memories, and it's easier than ever now that you can log on to the all-new EyePet community and hang out with other EyePet lovers. If you thought that one pet was fun, get ready for double the trouble as your PlayStation pal brings along some new furry Friends.

Key Features:

  • Tantalize your furry friends with exciting new toys, including a laser pointer, trick stick and more, and play all-new game challenges and activities together
  • Train your pets to perform amazing tricks that will wow your friends and family
  • Design your own toys and adorable custom-made outfits in the Creativity Center
  • Earn Pet Tokens for being a superb pet owner to unlock new content that will help your pet progress
  • Share all of your pet's proudest moments and swap stories with all of your EyePet-owning friends on the new EyePet online community
  • For 1 to 2 players
  • Make all-new memories with your favorite furry friend � and even more cute companions � in this fun follow-up to the original EyePet
  • Bring your animal friends home using your PlayStation Eye camera (required, not included) to virtually project the EyePets into your home
  • Nurture and play with two cuddly pets at the same time using up to two PlayStation Move motion controllers (not included)

Product Description

EyePet is coming to your house and, this time, he's bringing a friend. Using the PlayStation Eye camera and PlayStation Move motion controller, you'll play with and nurture multiple EyePets for endless hours of mischievous fun.

These games are Brand New and still Factory Sealed.