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Dr. Harvey's Canine Health - The Miracle Dog Food Pre-Mix(10 lb bag makes 66 1 1b. servings)

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Dr. Harvey's Canine Health - The Miracle Dog Food Pre-Mix(10 lb bag makes 66 1 1b. servings)

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The Finest All- Natural Dog Food,

We receive our Dr. Harveys every week- 2 weeks, freshly made, super fresh & also good up to a year!


The reason I am selling this on our website is that both my dogs, our Great Dane and our German Shepherd eat this food and they love the stuff. Be sure to click on the photos, especially the ones of my doggies enjoying Dr. Harvey's, licking their chops!


It is so healthy and is made from freeze-dried human grade herbs and veggies. 10 lbs of freezed dried herbs and veggies will make you 66 one pound servings, so this is a great value when compared with canned dog food that you really never know what it contains. After all, what exactly is meat BY-PRODUCTS, is it beaks, hooves and snouts? Is it fresh chicken breast or filet mignon? I doubt it.


When you feed your doggie Dr. Harvey's you know EXACTLY what he is eating, which is the way it SHOULD be. As Dr. Harvey says, "HEALTH BEGINS IN THE KITCHEN."

I have tried the stuff myself and it is delicious. It takes only 8 minutes to prepare it. You just heat up some water, drop in some scoops, then add some meat I usually buy chicken when it is only sale for $.29 to $.39 per pound, add a couple of tablespoons of oil you can vary the oils you use, I always have olive oil around the house, some yogurt, some cottage cheese. I also throw in some Brewer's Yeast flakes. What you get is a really tasty mixture that even the fussiest dogs will not walk away from. My dogs put their snoots down in the bowl and don't come up for air till they are done!

No other food has keep them so interested day after day. And they look great and feel great and are lean and muscular see photos above. The other dogs in the neighborhood give them a clear path when they walk on by. People always are complimenting me on my doggies and how they look.

Dr. Harvey's Canine Health is a revolutionary all-natural, holistic dog food pre-mix. Canine Health is made from 6 certified organic grains, 9 vegetables and 14 herbs.

Dr. Harvey uses only the Finest Organic, and all natural human consumption ingredients in Canine Health. Canine Health, this miracle of all natural dog foods, is made with no dyes, no preservatives, and no chemicals.


The Canine Line


Dr. Harvey's Canine Products are the finest all-natural products in the world.  After years of teaching people about the benefits of natural healing for dogs, Dr. Harvey created a line of products that helps guardians to keep their beloved companions healthy.

Dr. Harvey has been teaching guardians for almost 30 years about the dangers of putting chemicals, preservatives, artificial coloring and dyes and salt and sugar into a dog's diet. He has longed believed that dogs need fresh foods daily and that avoiding chemicals will increase good health and is the best preventative against degenerative diseases.

The Star of the Show is Canine Health - The Miracle Dog Food

This totally all-natural dog food pre-mix that has changed the lives of thousands of dogs and their guardians. Canine Health is made from certified organic grains and all natural vegetables and herbs. The positive results of feeding an all natural diet are evident in a short period of time and the benefits continue throughout your dog's life as you see a healthier, happier dog. Natural dog food and natural pet products are our specialty. Canine Health should be supplemented with Health and Shine and any of our all-natural whole food supplements and vitamins to provide a balanced natural life for your dog.