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DJ Hero: Start the Party (Stand Alone Software) for PS3

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DJ Hero: Start the Party (Stand Alone Software) for PS3

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Start the Party, Rule The Party - step to the front of the room in the most socially expressive experience by combining exhilarating gameplay, the hottest music and world-class DJs with the all-new turntable controller (sold separately) With over 100 individual songs included on-disc, highlighted in 93 original exclusive mixes, DJ Hero compiles a massive set list spanning hip hop, R&B, pop, rock, electronica, and almost everything in between

  • Features in-game appearances as well as mixes and original music from some of the hottest DJs melting vinyl in clubs and over the airwaves throughout the world, bringing turntable legends like DJ Shadow from the dancehall to your living room
  • Immerses yourself in common DJ techniques including mixing, sampling and various scratch patterns while offering social expression with freestyle effects and samples
  • Battle head-to-head in the competitive mode to determine virtual DJ supremacy, mix and scratch together on multiple turntable controllers, or one player can join with the DJ to emcee with a mic or use a Guitar Hero guitar controller for a DJ-Guitar mix


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