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Coolbreeze Handheld/ Desk Soccerball Fan W/ Suction Cup

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Coolbreeze Handheld/ Desk Soccerball Fan W/ Suction Cup

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This is one of the most unique fans we have ever seen and they really work. Just the size of a tennis ball, with a nice suction cup to hold it firmly in place on your desk or table top or car dashboard or window sill. Most battery operated fans don't have this clever suction cup features and the fans vibrate all over the place on your desk or table, which can be very frustrating; the clever suction cup feature eliminates this problem. They take 2 ordinary AA batteries (not included). The Cool Breeze coming from this fan is very nice and will keep you cool while others sweat.

Buy one for each room of your house and each car and one each for all your friends and family. At this low price, you can be a big sport and pass them out as gifts to everyone you know. :-) The fan blades are made of SOFT flexible foam, so if little fingers touch them while spinning, they won't get hurt and the fan instantly stops.


-uses 2 ordinary AA batteries (batteries not included)
-size of a tennis ball, easy to hold
-suction cup for desk or table to hold firmly in place
-individually blister packed