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Axis Of Weasels Poker Playing Cards

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Axis Of Weasels Poker Playing Cards

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EVERYONE WANTS THESE DECKS. Each deck is factory sealed in cellophane, with an easy-open pull tab similar to the one you would find on a pack of cigarettes, in the beautiful box shown above in the first picture. This is a complete set (52 cards + 2 jokers) of casino quality poker playing cards depicting the 54 worst leaders and celebrities who opposed America's involvement in Iraq and are now charter members of "The Axis of Weasels." The members of this very exclusive club of weasels are also known as "HOLLYWOOD'S MOST WANTED" and the "UNITED NATIONS AXIS OF WEASELS," as well as "HALL OF SHAME AXIS OF WEASELS." See the world's greatest weasels each wearing the beret of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard, now dubbed "Saddam's Weasel Brigade" and beneath each photo is each Weasel's quote revealing his anti-American, pro-Saddam ranting. Watch people's faces light up as you give them away as gifts to friends, to employees or to customers as thank you gifts. These decks of cards were featured in the July 2003 AMERICAN LEGION magazine.


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