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8-Digit Calculator - Big Display - Large Buttons

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8-Digit Calculator - Big Display - Large Buttons

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This is the best calculator I ever used. It is so convenient. It measures a FULL 5 inches high by 3.75 inches across. It has little rubber feet to hold it in place on your desk. There is a really neat TILTED BIG display that always seems to be at the perfect viewing position. It has GIANT buttons, that are super easy to use, even for those with arthritis or pain in their fingers or joints. The display is so big, you won't need to squint to read it! It even has an auto shut-off switch, in case you forget to turn it off. I have been using one of these for two years on the same battery......but eventually, if you have to replace the battery, it is a easy to find button cell battery.


This calculator makes a great premium, for give-a-ways and creating customer good will for your business! Get one for each of your employees and don't forget one for yourself! This is the type of gift you will always see sitting out on their desk when you return! Compare with calculators costing $12.95 and up in office supply stores this is a great buy.

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