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5-Pack Cd / Dvd Slim Jewel Case - 5-Colors In Every Pack

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5-Pack Cd / Dvd Slim Jewel Case - 5-Colors In Every Pack

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Whether you a CD manufacturer or DVD Manufacturer or just will be using these in your home or office, this is the find of the century! We just got a full pallet with thousands of ULTRA THIN COLORFUL CD DUST-PROOF Jewel cases and we are passing the savings on to you! These PROFESSIONAL ULTRA-THIN plastic jewel cases are precision crafted and less than half the thickness of older style CD DVD cases. You can buy as many 5-packs as you would like from this listing. They are packed (60) 5-packs per case, but you can buy as little as ONE 5-pack or all that we have in this listing and our HI-INVENTORY listings. Your price is only $2.99 per 5-pack! That is LESS THAN 20 cents EACH! Each quantity of 1 gets you ONE 5-pack. So for example if put down your quantity as 20, you would get TWENTY 5-packs (which is 100 CD DVD Jewel Cases). Each 5-pack is FACTORY-SEALED and brand-new.

Each 5-pack comes with one red, one green, one blue, one yellow and one pink Jewel case. Use these when mailing your CD's or DVD's or when storing them. If you are a CD or DVD manufacturer, just slide in your paper cover and have a professional CD or DVD case in just 2 seconds! The see-through cover is crystal clear, so the colors on your cover will shine through brightly and then underneath, then your customers open up your CD or DVD case, they will have your CD or DVD sitting snugly in a brightly colored tray! If you are buying these to re-sell, note they are shink-wrapped in a colorful retail package, with a hook on the top, so you can hang them on your J-Hooks in your store. Compare at $9.99 -$12.99 per 5-pack in retail shops and computer stores and save at just $2.99 per 5-pack with us. If you are buying these to re-sell, you can easily triple or quadruple your cost with us and STILL be giving your customers a bargain!

Don't store your valuable, irreplaceable software CD-ROMS and CD's and DVD movies loose on spindles any longer and risk them getting scratched up and damaged. Store them in these inexpensive, colorful jewel cases!