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4-Piece Chefs Nylon Kitchen Utensil Set-High Heat

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4-Piece Chefs Nylon Kitchen Utensil Set-High Heat

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This is a 4-piece set of hard to find Nylon High Heat Heavy Duty Kitchen Utensils. You get ALL 4 pieces shown in the photo to the right: ladle, large deep spoon, large deep draining spoon, and spatula. Each set comes nicely packaged on a nice hanging hook, which can be opened and closed, so you can take the utensils off and put them back on, for easy hanging storage. These are perfect for using with your non-stick Teflon pots and pans and will not scratch them. Easy to clean, just wipe them off with a sponge and soapy water. Makes a great gift for your favorite chef, even if that person is you! :-)

AT THIS BLOW-OUT PRICE, we must STRICTLY limit each buyer to THREE SETS, to be fair to all the other buyers who would like to get some, too.



Each Set is nicely packaged on an open/close hanging hook


Large Deep Spoon

Large Deep Draining Spoon